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Building a Stronger Future Together.
Your Voice, Our Commitment.


We need your help! It is with donations like yours that we can make our voices heard and fight for our values.

We can bring back balance to the Board of Supervisors and put Fairfax County on the right path!


Indira and her husband, Peter, have lived in Fairfax County for three years - they have planted roots and made Northern Virginia their home. Indira and Peter both love Fairfax County, and they believe that our shared values can bring a better future for this special community.

Indira holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations and a Master’s degree in English Language Translation. As both an entrepreneur and writer, her professional experiences include working in publishing and advertising.


The American Dream

When Indira came to the United States, she very quickly embraced American ideals and freedoms. Eight years after immigrating, just over one year ago, Indira earned her United States citizenship - she became an American by choice. As a first-generation American, Indira welcomes the many opportunities that come with this new chapter in her life.

Born in the Soviet Union, Indira understands first-hand the dangers of a one-party state and a highly centralized government with unchecked power. It was through her humble beginnings that Indira came to truly appreciate how extremely blessed we are in America.

A Dedication to Service

For almost a decade, Indira volunteered for a non-government organization with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations, responsible for charitable contributions, community developments and rehabilitation efforts world-wide.

Indira has helped to oversee the planning and operation of charitable tours throughout Europe, South Asia and North America. Indira spent several of those years facilitating the daily operations of a major community center in South Asia, including English language translation for educational courses - it is there that she learned the power of service, compassion, and selfless care.


Indira’s devotion to volunteering is perhaps most illustrated by her leadership in the world of giving. In 2013, Indira formed the WE Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for the care and protection of children without parents in under-developed communities. 


Indira now spends some of her free time volunteering at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. Indira proudly served the County of Fairfax as an Election Officer during the 2022 elections. These are just a few ways that Indira is giving back to her local community.




I believe it is our duty as American citizens to step up and do all that we can to preserve the freedom that this great Nation affords us. I am stepping up. I offer my commitment to service, enthusiasm and patriotism to the County of Fairfax. I’d like to demonstrate that immigrants from all around the world can and do embrace American conservative values.

No one can do it all, but every one of us can do something.


As a legal immigrant, I’ve experienced first-hand the blessings of individual liberty and the American Dream. Now, I’m prepared to stand for the ideals of my Country. I will work hard for the people of Hunter Mill and aim to deliver solutions to Fairfax County that prioritize the values and interests of my constituents.


Public Safety

Crime is rising in many of our communities and nearby cities. Public safety initiatives should not be a partisan issue, but rather a common goal to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe.

I believe that law enforcement officers are the heroes of our local community. We should be empowering these professionals to enforce existing laws and protect our families. Supporting our police goes beyond funding. We can help law enforcement by encouraging and restoring trust in our police officers. 

I will back incentives for law enforcement recruitment and work with officials to better understand how we can strengthen our law enforcement agencies and their effectiveness.

We need more police, not less. Simply put, our police keep us safe - they are the frontline that we turn to for help. Let’s show our heroes that we appreciate their sacrifice!


No Tax Increases

Increased property taxes have contributed to excessive costs and wasteful spending. The solution is not higher taxes, but rather managed growth and a focus on reduced crime, superior education, and quality of life.


I pledge to staunchly oppose any efforts that seek to increase taxes. I will always advocate for and support sensible measures that stress the importance of smarter spending and fiscal responsibility.

Ideology-driven agendas have led to even more unrestrained spending. I am determined to block the funding of programs that force political ideologies on our families and communities. It is not the role of government to use our money to further radical philosophies or partisan agendas. Vigilance and careful spending are the first steps in keeping indoctrination out of our institutions and education system.


Limited & Balanced Government

In recent history, our local county government has become increasingly one-sided. Our nation and local communities shine when the political scale is in balance. I will work tirelessly to offer a voice for the many that feel their concerns haven’t been heard.

Government should be limited in size and in power. It is with this consideration that I will combat any measures that seek to further expand the role of government in our daily lives. I am committed to bringing common sense solutions that will benefit all and place a check on government overreach.

I am against pay increases for members of the Board of Supervisors. I will prioritize initiatives that improve the lives of all the people of Hunter Mill and Fairfax County at-large, and not the interests of bigger government.



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